VOYA: A True Love Story

VOYA is the worlds first certified organic seaweed based skincare range. All VOYA’s luxury treatments are made from organic ingredients which are combined with ancient traditions to help your mind and body reach the state of peace and tranquility.

As humans, our very wellbeing thirsts for the raw goodness and healing energies the ocean has to offer. The plants on the seabed contain antioxidant properties that are intimately involved in the prevention of cellular damage in your body. VOYA provides over 12 years of expertise in seaweed bathing and organic skincare. Using the cutting-edge in marine-based skincare seaweed we combine sustainable innovation with a respect for tradition. VOYA takes pride in an authentic heritage and hand-harvesting this local resource from the fresh waters of the Atlantic coast.

At All About You, all of our face, scrub and bath skincare treatments are expertly delivered using VOYA products. We are in love with the VOYA Brand – and believe you will be too.


All About You

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